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Empowering Health, Embracing Wellness: Your Journey to Allergy-Free Living with Expert Allergy and Immunology Specialists

Navigating the complexities of allergies and immunological conditions requires expertise and understanding. Whether you’re seeking relief from seasonal allergies, chronic respiratory issues, or immune system disorders, our allergists and immunologists are equipped with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge treatments to guide you on your journey to optimal health.

At CLS Health, we believe in a patient-centric approach, tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements. From thorough diagnostics to customized treatment plans, our team is here to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. Explore the possibilities of a life free from the constraints of allergies and immune system challenges with the support of our experienced specialists.

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Conditions and Treatments

Conditions our Specialists Diagnosis and Treat

  • Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic allergy symptoms
  • Drug allergies
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Eosinophilic disorders
  • Food allergies
  • Hives and rapid swelling
  • Hypersensitivity disorders
  • Insect allergies
  • Mast cell disorders (mastocytosis)
  • Primary immunodeficiency (PI)
  • Urticaria

Allergy Testing and Services

  • Allergy skin testing
  • Metacholine challenge
  • Spirometry, food and drug challenges

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The Heights

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Medical Center

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Allergists & Immunologists

Prathyusha Savjani, MD

Prathyusha Savjani, MD

Allergy & Immunology

Heights Clinic

Naureen Alim, MD

Naureen Alim, MD

Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology

Medical Center Clinic

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Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to being your trusted partners in health. Welcome to a healthier, allergy-free future at CLS Health.

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Allergy & Immunology FAQ

What are the common symptoms of allergies?

Allergic reactions can manifest in various ways, but common symptoms include sneezing, itching, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and skin rashes. If you frequently experience these symptoms, it’s essential to consult with our allergy specialists for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment options.

How can I determine if I have allergies or a respiratory infection?

Distinguishing between allergies and respiratory infections can be challenging due to overlapping symptoms. Allergy symptoms are usually persistent and can occur seasonally or in response to specific triggers, while infections often come on suddenly and may be accompanied by fever. Our experts can help identify the root cause through thorough evaluation and diagnostic tests.

How do I know if I have a food allergy?

Identifying a food allergy involves paying attention to adverse reactions after consuming certain foods. Symptoms can range from mild, such as itching or hives, to severe, including difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis. If you suspect a food allergy, it’s crucial to consult our specialists for thorough testing and accurate diagnosis.

What are the most common food allergens?

Common food allergens include peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. However, individuals can be allergic to a wide range of foods. Our experts conduct comprehensive allergy testing to pinpoint specific allergens, helping you manage your dietary choices and avoid potential triggers.

What does an immunologist do?

An immunologist specializes in the study and management of the immune system, a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that defends the body against harmful substances. Immunologists play a crucial role in various aspects of healthcare.

What conditions fall under immunology disorders?

Immunology disorders encompass a range of conditions where the immune system either becomes overactive (autoimmune disorders) or weakened (immunodeficiency disorders). Examples include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, HIV/AIDS, and allergic disorders. Our team of specialists is equipped to diagnose and manage a variety of immunological conditions, offering comprehensive care tailored to your specific needs.