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The Infusion Center at CLS Health, located in Webster and Houston, provide a wide range of quality infusion services for our patients. Our staff specializes in administering intravenous medications and other treatments for a variety of conditions and works under the supervision of an attending physician to ensure a safe experience for all our patients. Whether it is expediting discharge from hospitals or avoiding hospitalization altogether, our team provides the best care possible.

At the Infusion Center, we prioritize comfort and safety in every encounter. From plush recliners equipped with televisions and reading materials to free Wi-Fi access, you’ll be in good hands here at CLS Health.

We provide educational information about your infusions so you know exactly what to expect. If you need any additional resources or support services, we will refer you to the appropriate agency or organization that can help meet your needs outside of treatment time. Additionally, we provide interpreters for non-English speaking patients, making sure everyone feels comfortable during their visit with us.

At CLS Health’s Infusion Center, we are proud of the quality infusion services we provide every day of the week. Our experienced nursing staff is dedicated to giving patients the best care possible, ensuring safety and comfort throughout their stay with us!

If you’re in need of infusion services in the Greater Houston area, reach out to the specialists at CLS Health today to see how we can assist you.

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At CLS Health, we serve patients with many types of insurance coverage offered by many different companies and entities. CLS and its providers accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most major health plans outlined on our insurance information page. Remember to always check with your health insurance carrier regarding specific covered services. The list grows and changes frequently. If you don’t see your insurance listed or if you have any questions, please contact us.