$19 Sports Physical in Clear Lake

Quick and Affordable Sports Physicals in Houston

Ensure your student athlete is approved for the upcoming school, camp, or sports season with a comprehensive physical in Clear Lake (Webster, TX).

Accepting new patients and walk-ins, CLS Health’s highly experienced sports medicine doctor, Javier Rios, MD, provides thorough evaluations to keep your child safe and healthy on the field, court, or track at the low cost of $19. 


Sports medicine doctor, Dr. Javier Rios, offers quick and cheap sports physicals in Clear Lake. Accepting new patients and walk-ins.

Javier Rios, MD

Dr. Javier Rios provides $19 sports physicals at our Clear Lake Campus.

Accepting new patients and walk-ins.

Why Choose Dr. Javier Rios for Your Sports Physical? 

  • Accepting New Patients and Walk-Ins: Located in our Clear Lake Campus, CLS Health’s Sports Medicine clinic is easily accessible and features ample parking.
  • Affordable Care: At only $19, our sports physicals offer exceptional value, making it easier for families to access necessary healthcare. 
  • Expertise in Sports Medicine: Dr. Rios brings years of experience in sports medicine, ensuring your child receives a detailed and accurate assessment. 
  • Comprehensive Evaluations: Our sports physicals include a thorough review of medical history, a physical exam, and an assessment of overall fitness and readiness for sports activities. 

What to Expect During the Sports Physical 

  • Medical History Review: We’ll discuss any previous injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that might affect your child’s performance and safety. 
  • Physical Examination: Dr. Rios will conduct a comprehensive physical exam, including checking vital signs, vision, hearing, and musculoskeletal health. 
  • Fitness Assessment: We’ll evaluate your child’s strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health to ensure they are ready for the demands of their chosen sport. 

Schedule Your $19 Sports Physical Today!  

Don’t wait until the last minute. Ensure your child is approved for their extra-curriculars with a sports physical from Dr. Javier Rios. Contact our Clear Lake (Webster, TX) office today to schedule an appointment. 

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Dr. Javier Rios looks forward to helping Houston’s athletes achieve their best this sports season! 


Javier Rios, MD
Javier Rios, MD
Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine clinic in Clear Lake accepting new patients, walk-ins, and most insurance plans.

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