Contact Us

Appointment Scheduling (7 AM – 7 PM)

Our Contact Center is located in Houston and staffed with friendly representatives.

Speak to Medical Staff at Your Doctor’s Clinic

Our Contact Center can direct you to your doctor’s office:

Or, use our find a doctor online link to locate your doctor’s office phone number and contact them directly.

Request Medical Records

CLS Health utilizes Healthmark Solutions for medical records requests.

  1. Request records via phone: Call 800-659-4035
  2. Request records via the online portal: Visit Healthmark’s Online Portal and follow the instructions.

Billing Inquiries

CLS Health uses third-party billing companies to manage insurance-based billing.

  1. For general inquiries: Call 281-724-1860
  2. To reach Omega Billing Company directly: Call 281-942-8001 ext. 1140